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The Plan B Proposition

  • Shelter your liquid assets, like checking or savings accounts, from creditor collection procedures
  • Allow you to immediately stop making payments to your creditors without the fear of lawsuits or judgements
  • Provide you with access to resources and information to help you protect yourself and your assets from unwanted collectors
  • Allow you to redirect collection phone calls to an answering service that will not give out any personal information
  • Provide our reply service to creditors or collectors that will permit you to exercise all your legal rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act 
  • Provide you with the most leverage possible so you can get your debts cancelled completely or negotiate a settlement around 10-15 cents on the dollar
  • Proven negotiation tactics with collection agencies to avoid having them issue tax form 1099-C for imputed income
  • Provide drafted responses to creditors who threaten legal action
  • Provide access to a third party credit restoration program, at no additional cost to you, to increase your credit score after the debt is eliminated
  • Provide 24/7 Customer Service to answer any questions or concerns
  • Personal online access to our back office, log in anytime and view all communications with your creditors and your progress through out the program

As you can see, we provide a comprehensive program of asset protection and creditor deterrence that facilitates a much more favorable debt resolution compared to debt settlement or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A key component to our program is it's ability to deter creditors from pursuing collection actions. All creditors have a certain method and procedure they follow to attempt to collect delinquent debts and our system complicates that process, reduces their effectiveness and increases their costs. This often makes the account too difficult to pursue and the creditor ultimately gives up, moves on to the next case, and either deems it uncollectible or sells your uncollectible account to someone else. It's important to understand that debt collectors don't have to collect on every account to make a significant profit. This is how we are eventually able to get it cancelled, which typically takes place between 12 and 18 months.


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