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Plan B Debt Relief was founded over 10 years ago as a true advocate for people struggling with debt.

Our mission is to continually provide the best alternative to bankruptcy while offering the fastest way out of debt, the least costly option to get out of debt, and the most protection to our clients and their assets so they can have true peace of mind and continue on with their lives without the burden of unsecured debt.

Facing debt can be very overwhelming and feel like a hopeless situation, but all of us here at Plan B want you to know that we are here to help.

We are ready to examine your situation and come up with a realistic plan of action. The Plan B Debt Relief team will represent you and in most cases, negotiate and reduce the amount of debt you owe (often getting it cancelled to zero) while immediately stopping all monthly creditor payments. Our team offers a range of financial plans that can help you start to turn your financial situation around as you leave your credit card debts behind forever.

The Plan B debt cancellation team is standing by ready to help. Isn’t it time you take control of your debt and start your journey toward improving your financial situation? We think so.

Give us a call today or fill out the contact form on this page and we'll call you shortly. We look forward to serving you.

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About Our Debt Relief Program and Legally Avoiding Payment

The objective of our program is to protect our clients so that no creditor gets anything from them, EVER.

Did you know that for the last thirty years, creditors have been able to coerce payment out of their customers when they had nearly no money to pay, simply because of the credit reporting system? Did you know that nearly every collection lawsuit filed by creditors and third party debt collectors up until the year 2000 resulted in judgment for default because the defendant was either not served or did not understand the meaning or consequences of the collection lawsuit?

This discovery led to the writing of a formal procedure to assist people in successfully defending against these collection lawsuits. The concept is quite simple, where nearly all of the lawsuits resulted in default judgments favoring the banks and collectors, educating people about the benefits of just filing a simple answer literally stopped millions of dollars from being collected this way. This drastically changed the means that collection attorneys had been using to obtain judgments, wage garnishments, and attachments to other property.

Debt Elimination: The Credit Card Debt Relief Program® provides a buffer of time to allow the customer to determine his best alternatives. This may include not making voluntary payments to creditors or debt collectors, taking every legal defense against whatever collection process may result, being immune from garnishment, the complete debt elimination through cancellation of debt or pennies on the dollar settlements, and finally restoration of credit.

Although the idea of simply not paying creditors is ancient, the deliberate refusal to pay and use of anti-collection strategies began well over twenty years ago. They were published in 2002 by an attorney, Stanley G. Hilton, J.D., M.B.A., who had been practicing these strategies since 1975. His work was recently published under the title “To Pay or Not to Pay”.

Over the last hundred years, the collection system hasn't advanced very much. Our program simply takes advantage of the same legal system to defend against the claims of the creditor. It is absolutely legal and very successful as a stand-alone program. With our program you choose which accounts to pay or not to pay.

Debt Elimination includes the strategies and methods of legally avoiding payment of account balances claimed to be owed to creditors and/or debt collectors.

Debt Elimination

Our system frequently results in reducing unsecured debt down to under 10% of what was owed within the first year and even the full balance being cancelled completely within 18 months. All while protecting our clients' income, bank accounts and assets from garnishment or seizure and preventing harassing phone calls. There simply is not another solution like it. Our goal is to help you to maintain as much control of your situation as possible.

Many people have contributed to the research that supports the legal foundation in defending against collections. The most comprehensive work on this subject was written by G. Edward Griffin and published in his book “The Creature From Jekyll Island”. This text provides the best ten reasons to abolish the Federal Reserve System. Our program is the practical application of this type of research.

Other programs rely on confronting the banks to prove they are performing illegally. This service or one strikingly similar is available online through a variety of sources, most notably from CCDN. This group uses similar tactics in confronting banks for their violations of their own charters. They appear to be successful in the majority of their attempts to at least assisting their clients in eliminating upwards of 70% of their debts. You can expect to be sued in the remaining cases.

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Did Good Credit Leave You Lots of Debt?

The one thing that good credit can certainly assist you in doing, as it does for many consumers, is get you into unbearable and perpetual debt. For most people, the only way to pay down these accounts is if they had a windfall income, like winning the lottery. This is humorous for many people to hear, but once reality is understood, it should be frightening.

Creditors will give you more and more credit as long as you are able and willing to make regular and timely minimum payments. Once you reach that limit of not being able to make timely payments, the creditors report to your credit file that you are a higher risk of nonpayment and increase your interest rate and minimum payments. The credit history also facilitates one creditor in communicating this new level of risk to other creditors, so all of them can view your credit file and determine for themselves that it is time for them to increase your interest rate and minimum payments as well.

Just because you have large debts and/or are not able to pay on the schedules dictated by your creditors, it does not change the person you truly are. Equate this to how drug dealers give free drugs to children at school. Then when they are hooked, sell it to them at very high prices. You have likely been taken advantage of.

Good credit has enabled creditors to steal your net worth and cripple your ability to invest in your future. Good credit supports you in betting against yourself and transferring your wealth and potential wealth to creditors.

Your credit history will eventually appear the same as if you simply stopped paying, mostly with charge offs. Collection agencies negative remarks do not usually show up on the credit report because of how the account is disputed. If an account is in dispute, federal law restricts what can and can not be reported to a consumer's credit report from a collection agency. In essence, you are trading bad credit in exchange for the cash saved by not paying these credit statements.

After completion of the Credit Card Debt Relief Program, which is usually 12-18 months, solutions for restoring and repairing your credit by removing derogatory items are then presented to you.

When comparing our program to bankruptcy, remember that bankruptcy is not private. It requires disclosure and liquidation of all your assets and debts and ruins your credit history for a minimum of ten years. This significantly extends the time it takes to get back on your feet and access credit in the future like a mortgage.

Ultimately, you’ll want to restore your credit and have a credit score above 700. As a member of our program, we will set you up with a third party program to clean up and repair your credit, at no additional cost to you, making this the most attractive offer out there. Give us a call today for a free debt consultation and see if you qualify for our limited time "No Out Of Pocket" program. Or simply click on the button below for a free online debt evaluation.

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