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Debt settlement
you'll pay about
of your debt amount after fees
  • 3-5 year program
  • Still get harassing phone calls
  • Income at risk of garnishment
  • Not a significant savings
Debt Consolidation
you'll pay
of your debt amount
  • 3 or more years
  • No reduction in balances
  • Still paying interest
  • Shifts debt from left to right hand
Credit counseling
you'll pay
of your debt amount
  • 3 or more years
  • Affects credit like a Ch 13 BK
  • No reduction in balances
  • Still paying interest
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
you'll pay about
$ 2,500
& all disposable income to debts
  • Bad credit for 10 years
  • Posted as public information
  • Can prevent employment
  • Increases insurance premiums
plan b - debt cancellation
you'll pay only
of your debt amount
  • Eliminate your debt in only 12-18 months
  • Maintain the most control over your finances - Plan B is your "BEST Bankruptcy Alternative".
  • We protect your rights under the FDCPA eliminating harassing phone calls
  • Your income, bank accounts and assets are fully protected from garnishment or seizure
  • Personalized affordable payment plan OR our limited time "No Out of Pocket" program
  • Doesn't negatively affect your credit like a BK or Consumer Credit Counseling does
  • ** FREE Credit Restoration after your debt is cancelled to rebuild a healthy credit report **
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See How Much Money You'll Save


"Plan B's Debt Cancellation team was able to help me dissolve each of the credit card debts eliminating my monthly payment obligations and make everything manageable. Thank you!"
-Mike B., Chicago, IL

“Without your system I would have been another casualty of the banking system….”
- Christian K., Thousand Oaks, CA

"I have the bill collectors right where they belong. I am SO indebted to you!"
- Graig S., Orlando, FL

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will your program take?

Most of our clients complete the program between 12 and 18 months, making us the quickest debt resolution option out there.

Will this affect my credit?

If you are currently behind on your payments, then this program will not negatively affect your credit any more than what you're currently doing. In addition, this program will have a significantly less impact on your credit compared to debt settlement programs, bankruptcy, or consumer credit counseling programs (which look similar to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy on your credit report). When you complete our program and we've successfully eliminated your debt, we then enroll you in a credit restoration program, at no cost to you, to remove the negative and derogatory items from your credit profile. So once the program is completed you'll be starting over with a clean slate and a healthy credit profile potentially better than how it is now.

But when asking this question, you'll want to get clear on what you are trying to accomplish, what your priorities are, and what value a credit score brings you. Let's explore that. Let's say that you owe $30,000 in credit card debt. If we wrote you a check for $21,000, would you give up your credit score for 2 years? That's essentially what we're offering you. Ask yourself if your main priority is to get out of debt as quickly as possible while keeping as much money in your pocket as possible... or is it to maintain a credit score? If it's to maintain a credit score, just understand that a credit score is good for getting you into more debt. Are you wanting to get into more debt right now or are you wanting to become debt free? We'll help you get debt free quicker than anyone else while allowing you to keep the most money in your pocket, have your rights, income and bank accounts fully protected and then restore your credit after the debt is gone.

What is your success rate?

Because the law is in your favor and we are simply leveraging the law to your advantage, we have a 100% success rate in achieving a significant balance reduction and with most debts being completely cancelled. Take a look at our Proof of Results page.

Can I get sued?

Anytime you are behind on your payments, there is a risk of getting sued. There's a risk of getting sued with debt settlement companies too, and they do nothing to help prevent lawsuits nor to protect your income or bank accounts from garnishment. We respond to your creditors and/or collection agencies in a way that significantly lowers the risk of getting sued. In addition, we protect your income and bank accounts from getting garnished so you can sit back and have peace of mind.

So, the worst case scenario is that you get sued and they get a judgement, which you're currently at risk of if you're behind on your payments or if you are in a debt settlement program. But, with us, they will never be able to collect on a judgement due to our unique Asset Guard system. Summing it up, the risk of getting sued is less once you enroll in our program and the risk of your creditors collecting on a judgement, by garnishing your income or bank accounts, is eliminated. That's something that debt settlement companies can never say.

How much does your program cost?

Our clients are typically only paying a total of about 30% of their debt amount to become completely debt free. Compare this to paying back about 75-85% of your debt amount with debt settlement programs. This makes us the most affordable bankruptcy alternative out there.